History, Traditions & Ancient Ruins of Veracruz

A 7 Day Journey to Explore the Early Civilizations of Veracruz, México

History, Traditions & Ancient Ruins of Veracruz

Today if you ask most people about ancient cultures in México, there are two that come to mind quickly - the Mayan and the Aztec civilizations. However, there were many more. In the area now known as Veracruz, other cultures flourished as well – the Huasteca, Totonac, and Olmec people. In fact, the Olmecs are considered to be the oldest known culture in all of the Americas.

There are many ancient ruins sites throughout Veracruz. Some are burial sites and some have impressive stone pyramids, temples, ball courts, and stories of human sacrifices to their gods. In northern Veracruz there is a huge ruins site known as El Tajin. It is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. In southern Veracruz, giant carved stone heads were found dating back to the Olmec period around 1250 B.C. You will see some of these impressive Olmec heads when your trip guide takes you to the 2nd largest Anthropology Museum in México which is located in the Veracruz capital city of Xalapa.

Hernan Cortez and his Spanish Conquistadors entered the Americas through Veracruz. His men (along with the diseases they brought) helped to wipe out the Aztecs, spread Christianity, and brought many new European inventions. They also introduced horses to this new land for transportation and as beasts of burden. You will visit the place where Cortez and his men first came ashore and learn about what took place after their arrival.

Later in history, the city of Veracruz became the main entrance point to México for people and goods coming from Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. It also played an important role in the trade coming from the Philippines and other points from the Orient. Goods would be shipped to the west coast of México and hauled overland to the port of Veracruz where they would be loaded aboard vessels bound for Europe. Black African and Caribbean slaves were brought through Veracruz to the New World to work the fields where tobacco, sugar cane, coffee, and other crops were grown.

The cultural blend of Spanish, European, Caribbean, and African influences combined with the customs of the original indigenous people make the state of Veracruz a veritable melting pot rich in history, traditions, music, and dance.

During your 7 day journey through the state of Veracruz, you will visit ancient ruins, walk the steps Hernan Cortez walked, marvel at the colorful Papantla Fliers as they perform their aerial ritual, participate in a Temazcal Ceremony, watch traditional dancing in the main plaza of the port city, enjoy the natural tropical beauty of this east coast state, and much more.

Come, Explore, and Discover México's "forgotten" coast called, Veracruz!

Activities: Explore the ruins of El Tajin
See the Papantla Voladores (fliers)
City of Papantla Tour
Quiahuiztlan Archaeological Ruins
Soak in natural hot springs water
Cempoala Archaeological Ruins
Follow the footsteps of Hernan Cortez in the town of La Antigua
Discover the first church built in the Americas
Visit Xalapa's Anthropology Museum
City tour of Xalapa
Temazcal Ceremony
City of Veracruz Tour
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All ground transportation
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Local bilingual trip guide for the entire trip
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Hotel accommodations for 6 nights
Bottled water each day
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  Duration: 7 Days
  Tour Cost: $1,647 per adult
$857/child ages 6-17
  Min Group Size: 2 people
  Max Group Size: 6
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  Starting: City of Veracruz
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